Delivering successful results since 2006
Mandate & History
Ludghi delivers its customers and partners significant and sustainable Return On Investment ( ROI ).
It is with this objective and time tested approach that has established Ludghi as a leader in delivering world class business solutions.

Ludghi’s industry-specific solutions are delivered through a comprehensive managed service that provides
Business process outsourcing, operations, monitoring and maintenance, and integrated security all on single technology platform. Our experience and successful track record serving thousands of locations for enterprise clients worldwide, demonstrates how rapid return on investment and high standards of customer
Service are the cornerstones to growing and strengthening a organization.

With first class business solutions, partnerships and synergies and a highly dedicated team, the future looks extremely bright for Ludghi and the customers and partners with whom we work. It is my commitment to continually our customers and our people with unparalleled conviction and satisfaction.

Founded in 2006, Ludghi provides customers an efficient way to secure their business environment,reduce costs and ultimately drive profit. Ludghi offers the single source of technology solutions and services that allow customers to efficiently integrate, manage and maintain their people, processes and assets.
By focusing on solving profit consuming business problems, Ludghi ensures demonstrable and sustainable Return on investment by helping to eliminate inefficiencies and unproductive resources. We do this by providing integrated security and surveillance solutions served through a managed service model. This is a large promise, but in today’s world it’s just not a security problem, it’s an expensive and complex business problem.

Industry specific insight and expertise that comes from working with various customers in various locations validates our unique approach. By outsourcing business process monitoring, security Solutions and maintenance our customers not only capture rapid return on investment, they focus on what’s most important: their core business.

Why should your company suffer when it can take advantage of a single solution from a single provider? We take away by combining disparate services and offering products and services through a single technology platform.
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